Proxy Plugin

Proxy Plugin

The plugin provides the config API to allow proxying of API calls.


Clace can proxy API calls to external endpoints or to backend APIs implemented in a container. The config API is used to configure at the route level what configuration is used for the proxy.


The plugin has just one api, config

configReadConfigures the proxy details for the route

The config API supports the following parameter:

  • url (string, required) : The url to proxy to. Use container.URL to proxy to backend container
  • strip_path (string, optional) : extra path values to strip from the proxied API call
  • preserve_host (bool, optional) : whether to preserve the Host header. Default false, the Host header is set to the target host value
  • strip_app (bool, optional) : whether to strip the app path from the proxied API call. Default true.


This is an example app which proxies data to This app has to be installed at the root level, since google does not use relative paths.
load("", "proxy")

app ="Proxy App",
                  ace.proxy("/", proxy.config(""))
                  ace.permission("", "config", [param.url]),