Install Release Build

To install the latest release build on Linux, OSX or Windows with WSL, run the install script. Note down the password printed. Add the env variables as prompted and then start the service.

curl -L | sh
source $HOME/clhome/bin/clace.env
clace server start &
clace app create --approve /disk_usage

Clace is installed under $HOME/clhome by default. The disk usage app should be available at after allowing the self-signed certificate. admin is the username and use the password printed by the install script.

On Windows, to install the Clace application, run

pwsh -Command "iwr -useb | iex"

Use powershell if pwsh in not available. The app is installed under $HOME\clhome by default. Note down the generated password for the admin user. Open a new command window (to get the updated ENV values) and run

clace server start

to start the server. In another window, apps can be installed using same command as Linux/OSX. To install a bookmark manager app, run

clace app create --approve /book

The bookmark manager app should be available at

See start the service for details.

Install from Source

To install from source

  • Ensure that a recent version of Go is available, version 1.21.0 or newer.
  • Checkout the Clace repo.
  • The below instructions assume you are using $HOME/clhome/clace.toml as the config file and $HOME/clhome as the work directory location.

First add the below env variables to your shell .profile or .bash_profile:

export CL_HOME=$HOME/clhome
export PATH=$CL_HOME/bin/:$PATH

Source the update profile file, like source ~/.bash_profile. Build the Clace binary

# Ensure go is in the $PATH
mkdir -p $CL_HOME/bin
mkdir $HOME/clace_source && cd $HOME/clace_source
git clone -b main && cd clace
go build -o $CL_HOME/bin/clace ./cmd/clace/

Initial Configuration

To use the clace service, you need an initial config file with the service password and a work directory. Create the clace.toml file, and create a randomly generate password for the admin user account

clace password > $CL_HOME/clace.toml

This will print a random password on the screen, note that down as the password to use for accessing the applications.

Start the service

To start the Clace server, run

clace server start

The service logs will be going to $CL_HOME/logs. The service will be started on https://localhost:25223 by default.

Load an App

To create an app, ensure that code is available locally and then run the Clace client

clace app create --dev $HOME/clace_source/clace/examples/disk_usage /disk_usage

To audit and approve the app’s security policies, run

clace app approve /disk_usage

This will create an app at /disk_usage with the example disk_usage app. The disk_usage app provides a web interface for the du command, allowing the user to explore the subfolders which are consuming most disk space.

To access the app, go to Use admin as the username and use the password previously generated. Allow the browser to connect to the self-signed certificate page. Or connect to to avoid the certificate related warning.

The code for the disk usage app is in GitHub. is the starlark config and app.go.html is the html template. The other files are generated files and are created by Clace during app development.