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Config Overview

Clace Server #

The Clace server picks up its configuration from the config file specified at startup.

$ clace server start -h
   clace server start - Start the clace server

   clace server start [command options] [arguments...]

   --server-uri value, -s value     The server connection uri (default: "$CL_HOME/run/clace.sock") [$CL_SERVER_URI]
   --admin-user value, -u value     The admin user name (default: "admin") [$CL_ADMIN_USER] value, -i value      The interface to bind on for HTTP (default: "") [$CL_HTTP_HOST]
   --http.port value, -p value      The port to listen on for HTTP (default: 25222) [$CL_HTTP_PORT] value               The interface to bind on for HTTPS (default: "") [$CL_HTTPS_HOST]
   --https.port value               The port to listen on for HTTPS (default: 25223) [$CL_HTTPS_PORT]
   --logging.level value, -l value  The logging level to use (default: "INFO") [$CL_LOGGING_LEVEL]
   --logging.console, -c            Enable console logging (default: false) [$CL_LOGGING_CONSOLE]
   --help, -h                       show help

   --config-file value, -c value  TOML configuration file [$CL_CONFIG_FILE]
   --help, -h                     show help

All the parameters have default values, specified in the code at clace.default.toml.

A user-specified config file is required. The location of this file can be set using the command line arg --config_file. If CLI arg is not specified, the environment variable CL_CONFIG_FILE is used to locate the config file. There is no default location for this file, if no CLI argument and env value are specified, then no configuration file is loaded.

All arguments are read from the user specified configuration file. Some arguments are further configurable in the CLI or env. For example, set or env CL_HTTP_PORT to set the http port. The precedence order, from highest priority to lowest is:

  • CLI argument
  • ENV variable
  • User specified config
  • Default config in the source code for the Clace build version

Home Directory #

The CL_HOME environment variable is used to locate the home directory for the Clace server. If no value is set, this defaults to the directory from which the Clace server was started. This location is used to store:

  • The sqlite database containing the metadata information, default is $CL_HOME/clace.db
  • The logs for the service, under the logs folder.
  • The config folder contains the certificates to be use for TLS.
  • The run folder contains app specific temporary files.

Clace Client CLI #

By default, the Clace client uses Unix domain sockets to connect to the Clace server. The $CL_HOME should point to the same location for server and client. If no changes are done for the server defaults, then the client can connect to the server locally without any other configuration being required. See here for details about the client configuration.